Demeter is a terrain editor that can be used in any ActiveWorlds-compatible world, allowing users to edit terrain around their buildings in an easier manner than the original terrain interface, even without Caretaker rights. Demeter also allows worlds with a registry to control terrain modification so that it does not affect others' properties.

Demeter versions 1.x were produced by Brant and Grimble using Visual Basic and the Active Worlds 3.3/3.4 SDK. Dr. Squailboont has acquired the Demeter 1.x source code from Brant and translated the code in C++ using the Active Worlds 4.1 SDK.

Current version: 2.1.14 (Release Candidate #1)

Documentation is currently NOT up-to-date with the release candidate version.

For those of you upgrading from versions prior to 2.0.8, please note that all the configuration files are now in XML format. You will have to reconfigure Demeter manually. There is currently no automatic conversion tool.

Any language translations will also need to be re-submitted, following the new format found in the ENGLISH.XML file.

System Requirements


Windows 2000 / XP
Linux 2.4.x demeter209.tar.gz (version 2.1.14 not yet available)

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