Muting Other Users

Annoying people are a fact of life, both in the physical world and in virtual reality. The Hermes extended-chat system provides a basic "mute" function to block selected users from sending you chat messages.

This will not block chat that occurs within your local chat range.

Only 75 users can be blocked in a single mute list.1

Command usage

To mute a user, use the h:mute <name> command. For example, to mute "Andrew" type h:mute "Andrew".

To see all users in your mute list, just type h:mute2.

If someone has an annoyingly long name, like Dr. SquaiLboonT, you can use avatar name shortcuts3 using h:mute /U. To mute the doctor, h:mute /U ?boont will add Dr. SquaiLboonT to your mute list. This will only work if that user is currently in the world at the time the command is used.

To unmute a user, use the h:unmute <name> command. For example, to unmute Hyper Anthony type h:unmute Hyper Anthony.

Users can also be removed by the entry number in the mute list. For example, given the following mute list:

  1. "Andrew"
  2. "JasonTheBrave"
  3. "MrMoose"

Typing h:unmute #3 will remove "MrMoose" from your mute list.

To remove all entries in your mute list, use the h:mute /C command.4

h:mute /Q allows you to determine if a user currently in the world has muted you. An good example is h:mute /Q ?* to see if anyone currently in the world has muted you.5

1 This limit is 50 in versions prior to version 32.

2 Or, if you like typing extra stuff, you can also use "h:mute /L". But only in version 32 and later.

3 Avatar name shortcuts are nifty. They're described in greater detail at the top of the command reference page.

4 In versions prior to 32, you had to use "h:mute #0" to clear the mute list. Uphill in the snow. While it was raining.

5 Anyone who actually uses this can only use it in version 32 and later.