Passive Mode

Passive mode allows you to control whether or not your chat messages are automatically sent across the network. This does not affect people who are in your normal chat range. When passive mode is active, you must use a special command to send messages through the extended-chat network.

To activate passive mode, type h:passive on. Note that you do not have to start a session with h:begin; h:passive will automatically start a Hermes session if you have not already done so. Passive mode remains active even after you exit and re-enter the world1.

To deactivate passive mode, type h:passive off.

To send a message to other extended-chat users in passive mode, use the h:: command2. For example:

h:: Jaguar Hahn = Higher than a kite with wheels him O_O

1 Passive-mode memory was added in version 26.

2 From the O-RLY? department: as of version 12, this command can only be used while in passive mode.