Self-Moderation: Initiating Ban Petitions

In times where nobody with eject rights is available, citizens in Hermes-enabled worlds have the ability to initiate petitions to ban users from the extended chat network1.

This function is available only to citizens. Bots and tourists cannot initiate or vote in ban petitions.

To initiate a petition, use the h:petition command. For example: h:petition "Andrew". A co-signer will be required2; in other words, another user must also use the same h:petition command in order to fully activate the petition. In the former example, two users must both use h:petition "Andrew" to start the petition.

To vote in favor of a petition, type the h:vote command along with the voting code that was given. For example, given a voting code of 123.4567 you would type: h:vote 123.4567. You do not need to use this command if you are not in favor of the petition. (Don't vote if you're against it.)

A petition must receive more than half of a majority (50% + 1) to pass. For example: with 100 citizens, 51 must vote in favor to pass the ban petition. There must be a minimum of 3 citizens present to initiate a petition.

Petitions that do not reach the required passing majority will expire after minutes. Hermes will issue an expiration warning 30 seconds prior to the petition's expiration3.

Bot administrators have the capability to void (cancel) petitions. Voiding petitions forces the petition to close, assuming it has not already won a majority. The command h:petition void is used to void petitions; users may use this command to cancel their own petition4.

Please note that abuse of the petition system may result in you being banned from Hermes.

Due to abuse5, the following changes were introduced in Hermes build 20:

1 Assuming nobody's abused the privilege; versions 20+ may entirely disable petitions.

2 Co-signers became a requirement in version 39.

3 This helpful reminder is only available in versions 16+.

4 Changing your mind became available in version 17. (Reversing the ensuing embarassment is a work-in-progress feature.)

5 Abuse? Where? AWTeen.