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This library provides an encapsulation layer around the SDK's V4 structures.

Currently, this library provides support for the following V4 objects as of SDK build 65:

  1. Zones (AwV4::Zone, aw_object_data_zone)
  2. Particle emitters (AwV4::ParticleEmitter, aw_object_data_particles)
  3. Cameras (AwV4::Camera, aw_object_data_camera)
  4. Movers (AwV4::Mover, aw_object_data_mover)
  5. Mover waypoints (AwV4::Mover::Waypoint, aw_waypoint)

A utility class is also available to handle strings (AwV4::SimpleString).

AwV4 is designed for intermediate to advanced C++ programmers; it is not particularly friendly to those unfamiliar with basic language concepts, such as pointers and references.


Tested: Windows/Visual Studio 2005
Untested: Linux/GCC, Windows/Visual Studio 6.0

This code is not battle-tested. It should currently be considered as 'beta-quality' code. Problems are to be expected; please either fix them yourself and e-mail the code back to me ([email protected]) or simply report the problem.
Download version 1.0.0
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