AwV4::Mover::Waypoint Class Reference

Class encapsulating a mover waypoint. More...

#include <AwV4.h>

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Public Member Functions

short & X ()
short & Y ()
short & Z ()
short & Yaw ()
short & Pitch ()
short & Roll ()
unsigned short & Speed ()
 Retrieve the waypoint's speed.
unsigned char & Pause ()
 Retrieve the waypoint's pause time.
unsigned short & Flag ()
 Retrieve the waypoint's 'flag' field.
 Waypoint (short wpX, short wpY, short wpZ, short wpYaw, short wpPitch, short wpRoll, unsigned short wpSpeed, unsigned char wpPause)
 Waypoint (const aw_waypoint &data)
WaypointGetNext () const
void Assign (aw_waypoint *recv)

Protected Member Functions

 Waypoint (const Waypoint &)

Detailed Description

Class encapsulating a mover waypoint.

This waypoint encapsulation is a simple linked list of waypoints.



Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AwV4::Mover::Waypoint::Waypoint ( short  wpX,
short  wpY,
short  wpZ,
short  wpYaw,
short  wpPitch,
short  wpRoll,
unsigned short  wpSpeed,
unsigned char  wpPause 
) [inline]

Default constructor

AwV4::Mover::Waypoint::Waypoint ( const aw_waypoint &  data  )  [inline]

Constructor which accepts an SDK structure

AwV4::Mover::Waypoint::Waypoint ( const Waypoint  )  [protected]

Prevent copy-construction

Member Function Documentation

short& AwV4::Mover::Waypoint::X (  )  [inline]

Retrieve the waypoint's X (West/East) coordinate

short& AwV4::Mover::Waypoint::Y (  )  [inline]

Retrieve the waypoint's Y (height) coordinate

short& AwV4::Mover::Waypoint::Z (  )  [inline]

Retrieve the waypoint's Z (North/South) coordinate

short& AwV4::Mover::Waypoint::Yaw (  )  [inline]

Retrieve the waypoint's direction (yaw)

short& AwV4::Mover::Waypoint::Pitch (  )  [inline]

Retrieve the waypoint's pitch

short& AwV4::Mover::Waypoint::Roll (  )  [inline]

Retrieve the waypoint's roll

unsigned short& AwV4::Mover::Waypoint::Speed (  )  [inline]

Retrieve the waypoint's speed.

This is how fast the mover will travel TO this waypoint.

unsigned char& AwV4::Mover::Waypoint::Pause (  )  [inline]

Retrieve the waypoint's pause time.

This is how long the mover will stay at this waypoint before going to the next one.

Waypoint* AwV4::Mover::Waypoint::GetNext (  )  const [inline]

Retrieve the next waypoint in the list

void AwV4::Mover::Waypoint::Assign ( aw_waypoint *  recv  )  [inline]

Assign this waypoint's data to an SDK structure

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