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Binary stream container. More...

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Public Member Functions

void Append (const void *buf, const size_t bufsiz)
template<typename T>
T * Get (const size_t bytes)
AwV4::SimpleString GetString (const size_t len)
 bstream (char *stream_p)

Protected Member Functions

 bstream (const bstream &)

Detailed Description

Binary stream container.

An extremely simplistic binary stream container, used internally for string data contained in V4 objects

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

bstream::bstream ( char *  stream_p  )  [inline]

Default constructor

[in,out] stream_p Pointer to an allocated buffer for the binary stream.

bstream::bstream ( const bstream  )  [protected]

Prevent copy-construction

Member Function Documentation

void bstream::Append ( const void *  buf,
const size_t  bufsiz 
) [inline]

Add data to the stream

[in] buf Buffer pointing to the data to be added.
[in] bufsiz The size of the specified buffer.

template<typename T>
T* bstream::Get ( const size_t  bytes  )  [inline]

Retrieve data from the stream

[in] bytes The number of bytes to retrieve.
An allocated buffer containing data. It is the caller's responsibility to call delete[] on this buffer.

AwV4::SimpleString bstream::GetString ( const size_t  len  )  [inline]

Retrieve data from the stream as an AwV4::SimpleString object

[in] len The number of characters to retrieve (not including the NUL terminator)

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